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David Blaikie Architects_Edinburgh Road Detail
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Natural light
We understand the positive effect natural light has on the way we live. We constantly explore how natural light, in all its varieties – warm south light, soft reflected light, dappled light - can be introduced to enliven a design.

We love using colour. Colour changes the character of a space or building. Carefully chosen colour will create calmness or supply energy or lock a building into its landscape.

Natural or manmade texture highlighted by carefully controlled natural or artificial lighting adds a very satisfying extra dimension.

We believe that all of us have a responsibility to reduce carbon emissions to minimise its negative effect on our planet. We will guide you through the decisions that you can make to ensure that your project is ecologically responsible.

We are working with academia and industry to develop innovative materials, processes and products to improve the carbon emissions associated with volume house building. Please have a look at our e.CORE pages.

We know from experience that the most successful projects result when Client, contractor and consultants communicate fully and pull together with a common aim. We will create a framework that allows this to happen.

We believe that the best buildings openly display the materials they are made from and the way their structure works. We design to capture that honesty which leads to a more rewarding project.

Here are a few of the people that have influenced the way we design:
Alvar Aalto, Wensch Selmer, Sarah Wigglesworth, Ralph Erskine, Robert Lorimer, Aldo Rossi, Sverre Fehn, Carlo Scarpa, Edward Cullinan, John Pawson. Google and enjoy.

We often work with 18th and 19th century buildings and have learnt to understand their needs and wishes. We respect their quality. We also understand that sometimes they need to be changed to keep them alive. It is our view that anything we do to a listed building requires to match its quality in design, materials and workmanship but in a 21st century manner. This pays respect to the continuum of architecture.